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Mayoli Organic
05AXCPB7793E2ZK, FSSAI LIC No. 12616001000061 
We are a farm founded to save our Bio-cultural heritage, diversity of our traditional farming, food crops, local flora and fauna, traditional knowledge etc. Our farm is in the remote area of Almora district in Uttarakhand Himalaya.

It is a farmer and his friend initiative, which is growing slowly, the objective of this venture is to create endurable and self sustaining livelihood in the area.

Pankaj Bhakuni (FOUNDER)
Born and brought up in Binsar Valley, after completing 12th grade moved to Delhi, to learn the Art of film making, learnt everything on the job, I had been working for prestigious organization like Nat GEO, Discovery, NDTV, ABC, BBC and many charitable organization like Water AID, Action AID, UNICEF etc. ten year before I was working for BBC for their Indian venture but decided to quit my job and initiate  self sustainable life through Organic Farming on ancestral land in remote location of Sunouli village, as I am very deeply concerned about subject of Migration, Chemically modified seeds/farming and the deplorable condition of our environment and the health of masses and coming generations.

10 years of hard work and struggle has made this small piece of land a very fertile, diversified Natural Farm land at Mayoli in western Binsar Valley, this farm is 100 % Organic Natural farm and Seed Bank, which is not only saving native seeds and plants but also helping in saving Bio cultural heritage of our eco system. This farm is connected with Woof and Work away Organizations through which students from universities around the world come and learn about conservation, preservation and permaculture activities here.

 As Founder of Mayoli Organic and NGO, Himalayan Ethno Botanic Garden Society in Basouli, Uttarakhand, India, working full-time at both restoring and preserving the ecosystems and agriculture of the Uttarakhand Himalayas as they have been deteriorating due to the catastrophic effects of climate change, deforestation, mono-culture agriculture, species loss, habitat loss and pollution. 

Sebastien Liechti (CO-FOUNDER)
Born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1986, Sebastien Liechti came for the first time to India in 2013 a few months after closing his MBBS. The special energy of the Himalayas and the welcome of the people bonded him deeply to the place. In 2017 he met Pankaj and found in him the person to collaborate with. The common goal is simple and hard at the same time: to save the local crops and to revive the local knowledge and know-how. Together with Pankaj, they spent months to drive around Uttarakhand, to walk to villages and to meet the villagers of the mountains. Finally, they saw in the most basic crop of Indian culture the start of there collaboration. They agree to export the best turmeric of Himalaya to Switzerland and it is a success! Now the Turmeric from Uttarakhand is sold in

the best organic shops of West Switzerland.

Have a look on’ www.ospis.ch

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Date of Issued: 07th January 2021

The Director,
Mayoli Organic.
Almora [Uttarakhand] India.

I have no words to express my lot of thanks to you for your great services of Mayoli Organic herbal products like Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine, Dry Fruits, Essential Oil & Water, Flour, Fruit Jam, Herbal Tea, Natural Sweetener, Pulse, Soap and Spices.

I hope you will grow your business worldwide in future.

Ranjeet S Karayat
(Industrial & Business Consultant)
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