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It is often said – “The journey is more exciting than the destination”. This line holds true for anyone who is an adventure seeker and wants to come close to mother earth. From where the vehicle is parked, up to the accommodation, it is beautiful trek of approximately three kilometers. One has to cross-streams and change paths several times to jump from one hill to the other as they make way to the property. A porter is available for your luggage although you suggested that you must travel light.


As a part of the excursion, one can go hitch hiking from the property towards the ridge. On route we pass through many a few memorials and temples. One can also find an abandoned
Government nursery as well the outposts of the Indian army during the Indo-Chinese war. As you reach the top the view is nothing short of mesmerizing where one can see five peaks of the Himalayas next to each other. The excursion is for about four to five hours. One can also hike around the property on the existing trails.
The view from the top is breathtaking, Walk down from the hills as you see the sun setting through the trees. Right at the ridge, you see 5 peaks at one go!


One of the best parts about this property is that it is self-sufficient. Food is grown organically and is absolutely fresh. The produce includes a vide variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs. There is also a poultry area which houses more than 100 chickens that lay egg and make a great chicken tikka for the bonfire barbeque. Red meat is often seen roaming around the property, which is also on offer. Two ponds have been constructed which house more than 2500 fishes, these can be fished out by the guest themselves and can be cooked as per their likings.
The herbs include Rosemary, Thyme and Oregano. All of them grow organically. Besides the Lemongrass besides the pond, you’ll also find strawberries in abundance. Fish your dinner or catch your lunch maybe?


A set of two areas has been allotted to arrange bonfires. It acts as a perfect place for the guests to sit and enjoy a great evening in the midst of the forest. A barbeque can be arranged on request to offer a variety of snacks made fresh for the guest right in front of them.


There is a main cottage/hut that offers an area for gatherings. It houses a kitchen where the food is cooked with firewood.
The kitchen is stocked with all the necessary amenities and the other things can be requested before arrival. It has a dining hall attached with a table for up to eight guests to dine at the same time. For the tourists who enjoy cooking, it offers a different experience all together.

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